Personal Safety/Security and Active Shooter Training

The Common Sense Approach

In today’s uncertain times, personal safety has become a premier societal concern. AIS possesses the personnel and expertise to address your safety and security needs in the following areas:

  • Security Consulting – We can offer consulting services for your company, organization, school, building or household. Such services range from a Threat Assessment, Vulnerability and Security Risk Assessment, to evaluating your security force, to training. The deliverable will be an enhanced security posture for your area of concern.
  • Security Services – Whether you require one Executive Security Agent (ESA) or a contingent of ESAs to address a myriad of security issues, AIS can meet your security needs. Our services range from access control, to residential security, to HR support during down-sizing or strike security, to Executive Protection, we can provide highly qualified personnel to address your security issues while leaving the slightest of footprints.
  • Special Event Security – If you’re hosting a business, social, or hybrid event and need a contingent of ESAs to ensure the safety and security of your event we can deploy a team. We would resemble Secret Service agents that smile. We set the industry standard because we would conduct a thorough advance, develop an operations order (event playbook), erect a safety/security Incident Command Post, and conduct an after-action review. A value-added is that our team of ESAs would add a discrete element of prestige to your special event, which would reflect on our organization to your guests.
  • Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Training – Today, an employee must add personal safety to the list of skill sets he or she must master to be successful in the office. AIS can offer training and security services to mitigate these concerns. Regardless if your building has dedicated armed security, in the first 1-12 minutes you will probably be on your own. How you prepare and what you decide to do during those crucial first minutes will directly impact your personal outcome. In conjunction with an Active Shooter subject matter expert, we now offer CSTAR – Civilian Survival Training, Active-shooter Response. This survival training can be tailored to each client’s needs and addresses a person’s will to survive. Whether you’re looking for a 2-hour presentation with Q&A or wish to expand into a 4, 6 or 8-hour course featuring further discussion, a Table-Top exercise, scenario/role-play and critiqued discussions, our CSTAR course continues in detail where most other courses conclude. We believe that the fine details in preparation and execution will make all the difference between an optimal and suboptimal outcome. While other courses only gloss over the broad strokes we believe simply lends a false sense of security. That can actually do more harm than good during an actual incident.
  • Personal Protection Consulting – Whether you are at work, traveling, on vacation or at home with your family, AIS can arm you with the knowledge and skill sets to enhance your personal safety and security as well as your family’s if desired. We can custom tailor a course based upon your wants and needs to ensure that your exact goals are met. The topics addressed are numerous but only limited to your choosing. The deliverables will be a more confident, situationally aware, knowledgeable individual with the skill sets to better protect yourself and your family and enjoy your lives to the fullest.