Internet Investigations

AIS is equipped to undertake many types of Internet and Online Investigations, covering Social Media, emails, websites, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) online and database research, Internet Forensics, insider threats, evidence collection, evidence preservation and more.

Social media investigations

  • Identify social media profiles, associated emails, aliases profiles, pictures, and social comments
  • Perform Social Media forensics on profiles, posts, images, video and relationships

Online Investigations

  • Conduct online, database and social media research on individuals and entities
  • Investigate Intellectual Property theft and abuse
  • Investigate online privacy issues, data leaks and breaches

Cybercrime and Fraud

  • Investigate fake, anonymous and impersonated websites, blogs and social profiles
  • Investigate online impersonation, extortion, defamation and harassment
  • Investigate Internet frauds, “Nigerian” scams, investment scams
  • Investigate email Spear Phishing / Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud

Internet Forensics

  • Trace anonymous email senders, blog / website posters, account owners
  • Analyze headers, metadata and content to trace and authenticate email
  • Analyze URLs, web addresses, domain names, IP addresses, DNS, web hosting records
  • Analyze website HTML code, online data and electronic documents
  • Locate hidden, deleted or modified websites and online data

Litigation Support

  • Forensically preserve websites, social media and online data for evidence
  • Provide written reports, affidavits and testimony for litigation and arbitration