Pre-employment Investigations

We regularly provide our corporate clientele with pre-employment screenings which search an applicant’s history for any judgments, liens, or involvement with litigation of any kind, civil or criminal. This search also provides clients with the applicable releases, driver’s license information and driving history, as well as information pertaining to the candidate’s credit worthiness. The candidate’s references and prior employment can be reviewed and verified for overall character and reputation. The resulting information is promptly analyzed and provided to the client in a confidential written report.

Notice to Employers – Investigations undertaken in relationship to employment may be affected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act as amended by the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau replaced the Federal Trade Commission as the agency responsible for rulemaking and enforcement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and subsequently updated the FCRA Summary of Rights to reflect this change.

When applicable, employers are now required to disclose to employees or employee candidates that a report is being requested, and to obtain written consent from the individual prior to undertaking any such investigation. As part of AIS’s services, we offer to prepare, on your behalf, a report for such purposes.