Child Custody/Recovery

There are many reasons why investigators are utilized in child custody cases. One of which is to document and videotape the visitation exchange of a child in an effort to capture the emotional effect they were experiencing. On the other hand, the behavior of the parent may need to be videotaped as well.

Often, we find that both parents want background checks completed on individuals who care for the child and/or will be indirectly involved with the child while not in the other parent’s immediate care. It is therefore imperative to conduct background checks to ascertain the character, types of activities, and associations of the individual, as well as other relevant facts.

We also provide investigative services when a child is discovered to be missing. It’s usually the other parent and/or family member who has taken the child. Unfortunately, the child becomes a bargaining tool. While during divorce proceedings and/or after custody and the visitation schedule have been ordered, one parent may not be satisfied with the courts order. That’s usually when the parental abduction (kidnapping) takes place. We treat these cases very sympathetically and understand the emotional trauma the family is experiencing. These are sensitive cases which need to be handled carefully, yet assertively. We will work as a liaison with the law enforcement to help effect a successful recovery and any supporting information to assist in the prosecution of the abducting party.