GPS Tracking Device Rental

AIS provides GPS Vehicle Tracker rentals as an added service for our clients. This service enables you to monitor your unfaithful spouse, employee, or teenager discretely and easily with the state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices.

Simply hide or conceal the GPS tracking device on the car trunk, golf bag, or other discrete place and get real time precise GPS location updates from any computer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Additionally, you can access the location details with just basic web browsing knowledge from any Internet connection with no software to install. You can pick up the GPS tracking device locally or have it shipped to your location. Once you receive it, you can start tracking immediately.

Now you can have access to advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking units without purchasing expensive equipment, paying activation, monthly fees, or signing any long-term service contract. Know exactly where a vehicle is at any time from the convenience of your computer or smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Technology has evolved over the years, and AIS uses the same GPS units as the government and local law enforcement. With the extended battery life, our GPS devices can operate up to 75 days in ideal conditions. For units being installed under the body of the vehicle, we also provide a magnetic locking box. The mounting magnets are very strong and are able to hold the unit in place through most normal driving conditions. It is possible however, that a severe impact could dislodge the unit. No guarantee can be made with regard to placement of the unit. The magnets should make contact with a flat, non-porous metal surface to ensure a solid hold. The rental fees for this unit are very reasonable and will yield excellent tracking results. These boxes are all weather proof and will remain on the vehicle until removed.

So how do these GPS units actually work? The unit determines and tracks its position by use of satellite signals, and is capable of displaying a detailed travel history on a mapping program, with real time location information. It will update every 5-10 seconds during movement, and displays activity via the internet monitoring site. Route history can be played back on the screen, showing you the exact path, the unit has traveled. A vast array of reports can be displayed, printed, or sent by email. You also have the option of receiving email or text message notifications with the information of your choice. This unit has a very sensitive antenna, ensuring satellite reception, even when mounted in difficult locations underneath a vehicle. You can also set up” Geo fences” which notify you when the target vehicle has left a predetermined area.

A GPS signal can bounce off of the roadway and be received by a unit even when placed underneath a vehicle. GPS signals can also penetrate most nonmetal surfaces. Selecting a proper location is important for optimum performance of the unit. For example, if in a garage it will lose signal. Once exiting the garage, it can take up to a minute to obtain the satellite signals. It is important that the antenna side be mounted facing away from metal surfaces.